This is how she looked when I first saw it. In a line up of other beat down cars.

Here is a good shot of the right front. Several different wheel types, tires, etc.

From the back. It did have a tailgate and some interesting parts in the bed.

The jeep was beat - but I could tell someone loved the jeep for most of its later life. The body is badly rusted, but there is a structural steel framework welded to the body to keep it together. Fine with me. I am not looking for a show queen. Just something that works.

Here is the first reason I bid on the jeep. A WARN 5721 winch. This is the predecessor to the WARN 8724 winch. 8000lbs capacity with very fast line speeds.

The second reason I bid on the jeep. A Buick 225 V6 engine. One thing I really wanted was the accessory bracket for an air conditioner and the dual belt pulley on the crankshaft

This is what sealed the deal. Look close at the third shift lever on the floor. I initially thought this was for a rear PTO gearbox. I was amazed to see that it was a complete WARN Overdrive setup on the back of the DANA 18 transfer case. These are rare to find in good condition.

After a fierce bidding process, I won the jeep! After the crowd subsided I began taking the interior apart to clean the jeep before I took it home. To my surprise, under the driver side jeep was a dinosaur skeleton! Not really, but a skeleton non the less. My guess is it is a dog or raccoon that got caught under the seat and never made it out.

I tried to get the jeep to start in the auction lot, but I was not successful. It needed all new electrical. Since the jeep had a tow bar on it, I towed it with my truck. I probably could have made it the 25 miles home, but it was acting a little funny around corners, so I called my friend Louis to put it on a trailer and take it to his house. He has a better welder than I do and I anticipated some major repairs, first starting with a fuel tank relocation.