After the maiden voyage, I was excited to see the jeep run really well. I now felt good about spending some additional money and time to get the jeep running right. The jeep originally came with a fuel tank under the bed. This tank was unusable due to the 30 year old fuel that had varnished inside. I removed this tank and retro fitted the jeep with an older style under seat tank. I purchased the tank and the filler neck from

Here is a shot of the filler neck that I installed Although the tank was originally located under the bed, AMC kept the old indentation for the filler neck in place - similar to previous years of Kaiser jeeps. I just had to cut out the shape and weld in the new neck.

Another shot of the installed tank and filler neck.

Once the tank was installed, I routed new fuel lines to and from the tank. This is a picture of me under the jeep hooking up the lines.