Once the loader was removed from the tractor, I began to physically secure it so it wouldn't move when all of the hydraulic hoses were removed. A high lift jack and a bottle jack did the trick.

The old hoses and fittings were in terrible shape. Hoses were worn down to the point of leaking, fittings were cross threaded, you name it. No fitting or hose was salvagable.

One big mistake was how the hoses were secured. This photo shows for hoses secured with a 1/4" steel bracket. Over time, the bracket wore into the hoses causing leaks. This area had the worst leaks on loader.

I probably put three hours on the power washer just cleaning the loader before I could change all of the hoses and fittings.

Again, I am amazed at how dirty this tractor was when I bought it. Dirt and oil 3/8" thick in some places!

What a difference new hoses and a power wash makes. This is the same shot as the above pic, just with new components.

Here is the other side of the loader with new hydraulics installed.

Hydraulics all replaced at this point, ready for installation back on the tractor.