Here are the junk wheels and tires that came on the jeep. No matching tires or wheels! It made the jeep steer funny and look like crap.

I wanted some period specific mud tires for the jeep. The tires I wanted needed 16" rims, so I went to Midwest Willys to purchased some used ones. I got a great deal on five of them. I sand blasted them and painted them black. I then bought some Super Traxion tires and tubes from Universal Vintage Tire Company.

This was the first time I had assembled tires that needed tubes. I borrowed some tire irons and went to it. After some wrangling I got the tires on the rims and got them pumped up with air

Here is the final result with the new rims and tires installed on the jeep

I was even able to mount the spare tire on the fender. The spare mount is rusted pretty bad and will need some welding to make it truly usable again.

Final shot from the front. I am very happy with the Super Traxion and would recommend them to anyone looking for a vintage look.