L - NH 9030 VIDEOS

Here is a video of a New Holland 9030 laying a cable between two railroad tracks.

This is another video of the same New Holland laying cable. I would be interested to know how deep spade is into those rocks.

Ford 9030 moving big square bales in Iowa. Great video showing the lift capacity and reach of the 9030.

New Holland 9030 Moving Square Bales

Video of Ford New Holland 9030 swathing hay. Unfortunately the shot is only from the front, but you can see the cutting head at work

This New Holland 9030 is mowing a lake bank with an Alamo boom mower. This is one of the only videos I have found of the boom mower on a 9030 in action, I just wish there were more camera angles as the video progresses.

Not a Ford New Holland 9030, but its sibling the Versatile 276 is shown here in this video plowing a field in Australia.

Another Versatile 276 video - this time showing how the three point linkage does work with the loader attached.

New Holland 9030 video with snow blower on one end and articulated snow blade on the other. He is cleaning off an outdoor ice rink. Really nice setup.

New Holland 9030 video in Canada. Nice walk around shot as the machine is running.

New Holland 9030 video moving snow and trees.

New Holland 9030 with snow blower and blade.

New Holland 9030 loading round bales on a truck crazy fast!!

New Holland 9030 Rear Blade
9030 snow blower and rear blade
Round Bale Loading