Before the jeep would run, I had to address the electrical issues. I replaced the spark plugs, wires, coil, points, condenser, and battery. I also took the carburetor apart and cleaned it out with carb cleaner. After all the new parts, I was getting spark and delivering fuel again. I also took this time to change the fluids in the engine, radiator, transmission, transfer case, and axles.

The original fuel tank was trashed due to rotten old fuel. I bypassed it and ran new fuel lines into a fuel can for the first run.

The seats were trash as well. I removed them at the auction and put them in the garbage. For the first run I sat on a small stool with the tank between my legs

The starter was not in good shape and would not turn over the engine. So, I hooked up the jeeps tow bar to a friends truck. We then towed the jeep in gear until the fuel pump started delivering fuel and the jeep was running on its own

Once the jeep fired up I was on my own. Here is a shot of my first trip down the road under my own power. Unbelievably, the jeep ran great! I originally purchased this jeep for parts and it turns out it runs better than my 1967. Amazing.

On the first day I ran the jeep for about an hour without issues. Here is a picture right before we put it in the barn for the night.