Once the batteries took a charge, the tractor started right away. The major selling point for me on the tractor was the quick starting and smooth running engine. The gentlemen pictured here is a friend who agreed to transport this beast to my house. If it was not for him, it would have been a huge ordeal getting this prize home.

The tractor weighs about 11,000 pounds with the loader. The trailer we had was a 12,000 lbs trailer, but the springs were worn and sagging a bit. It was touch and go on the way home because the trailer tires kept burning on the wooden deck! It is a good thing that I only live 15 minutes from Purdue, so it was a relatively short trip.

Looking at it from this perspective the tractor makes that 2500 truck look small.

Going into the purchase, it was disclosed that the engine end axle was bad. Purdue took the tractor to our local New Holland dealer to see if it was worth fixing before they sold it. After parts and labor the cost was around $6k. My plan is to buy a complete used axle and swap it out. So far pricing for a used one is about $3k.

Only having one working axle made it a bit tough getting the tractor on the trailer. Coming off was a bit easier. Unfortunately I don't have any action pictures or video of the tractor going on or coming off the trailer.